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随着2010年接近尾声,Coolist 回顾了这一年的经典建筑,从令人瞠目的雕刻作品到全玻璃构造家居设计,本文中的10大建筑代表了该年度最富创意的设计理念。虽然也有其他许多设计可享此殊荣,但这10位却是Coolist的最爱,并当选为2010年十佳。

1、Barbosa Guimarães 设计的Vodaphone总部

Shortly before the calendar rolled over to the year 2010, Vodaphone revealed a new international headquarters as designed by Barbosa Guimaraes, a truly wonderous building.  The Vodaphone Headquarters, located in Porto, Portugal is a wild work of sculptural architecture, a building that appears to be born in dreams, not reality.  The design was envisioned as an extension of Vodafone’s slogan, “Life in Motion“, as the headquarters building appears to be growing, and developing in a fashion far outside of conventional thinking.  While the structure is sculptural, its execution is purely functional.  This unconventional building does not hinder its purpose by being overly flashy or different.  It is at once functional and progressive, a success in the world of modern architecture. [photos by friend of TheCoolist Nelson Garrido]

在日历即将翻过2010年时,Vodaphone公司向人们展示了由Barbosa Guimarães设计的该公司总部,这的确是一座非凡的建筑,它位于葡萄牙的波尔图,称得上是一件充满野性的雕刻杰作,这是一座几乎只能出现于梦境而非现实中的大厦,其设计灵感来自于对Vodafone的标语“动感中的生活”的延伸,其时尚理念远远超出传统思维。虽然这座建筑是雕刻结构,但其功能性非常完整。这座前卫的建筑并未因极度浮华和另类构造而削弱其设计理念,它的功能性和先进性立竿见影,不愧为现代建筑的经典之作。

Vodaphone Headquarters Gallery


2、Bridle Road Residence by Antonio Zaninovic

2、Antonio Zaninovic设计的Bridle Road住宅

This stunning work of modechitecture is special not only for its contemporary structure, but the landscape around it.  The Bridle Road Residence by Antonio Zaninovic earned honors by the American Society of Landscape Architects for having one of 2010′s best landscape architecture designs.  The home was built at the base of a mountain overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from the heights of Cape Town, South Africa.  The home features a landscape with a rare local species of plants that is endangered by local development, but is the central focus of this home’s garden.

这件现代建筑的惊人杰作其特别之处不仅在于它充满现代感的结构,更在于其独特的周边景观。Bridle Road 是由Antonio Zaninovic设计的一幢住宅,Antonio凭此获得了由美国景观建筑学会颁发的2010年度最佳景观设计奖。该幢住宅建在南非开普敦的一座山脚下,俯瞰大西洋,当地的一种稀有植物是该景观的一大亮点,由于当地的发展导致这种植物濒临灭绝,但它却是这座家庭花园的主角。

Bridle Road Residence Gallery


3、JD House by BAK Arquitectos

3、BAK Arquitectos 设计的JD屋

When it comes to sustainable architecture, few are as progressive as BAK Arquitectos.  Their work in the coastal town of Mar Azul, Argentina is a prime example of their discipline, showcasing a form of architecture that is conscious to the land around it as well as the materials they use in its construction.  The JD House by BAK Arquitectos is made of concrete and local wood, but built without disturbing the trees within its plot.  Above, you can see an old pine rising through the floor and roof of the JD House, and the needles below are barely touched in its development.  The home itself is beautiful and contemporary, with a design that makes its natural plot the center of its existence.  BAK Arquitectos have built many more in Mar Azul, but the JD House is the gem of their portoflio.

当我们说起可持续性建筑,很少有能比得上BAK Arquitectos的。他们在阿根廷的海边小镇Mar Azul的作品便是最好的体现,它充分展示了周围景观与建筑材料相得益彰的建筑艺术。由BAK Arquitectos 建造的这幢JD大宅由水泥和当地木材搭建而成,而且对于周围的树林没有造成一点破坏。上图可见一株多年老松就矗立在屋内,针叶自由生长。这幢建筑既充满美感又极富现代气息,其建筑理念突出了房屋所处的自然景色。该设计团队在Mar Azul建造了许多住宅,但是JD大宅却是其中最璀灿的一颗明珠。

JD House Gallery


4、Azahar Group Headquarters by OAB


The Azahar Group Headquarters in Castellon, Spain was designed to be reflective of its environment and the sustainable aims of the company within.  Azahar Group develops “environmental logistics” for developing countries, helping to create sustainable systems that give back to third world people and places.  Their own offices needed to reflect this, so the design was fit with rainwater recycling systems, natural lighting and climate control systems and a landscape that is fed from runoff of the building’s steep design.  That design is a continuation of the mountainous environment around it, with angular pitches and peaks that look right at home with the hills behind it.

Azahar Group Headquarters Gallery



5、Glass Pavilion House by Steve Hermann

5、Steven Herman 设计的玻璃馆

Designer Steve Hermann created one of the year’s best works of residential architecture, the Glass Pavilion House of Montecito, California.  This home bears a visual relation to the famed Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe, but perhaps improves upon the classic.  The home’s cool white walls, roof and flooring are lined with floor-to-ceiling glass that invites the outside in, while the privacy of its inhabitants is protected by the landscape around it.

Glass Pavilion House Gallery 

设计师Steve Hermann设计出了本年度最佳住宅,那就是位于美国加州Montecitor的玻璃馆,这一住宅与Mies van der Rohe设计的那幢著名的Farnsworth屋有异曲同工之妙,并有过之而无不及,其酷劲十足的墙面、地板和屋顶自下而上全由玻璃衔接,阳光一泻而下,而屋内人们的隐私却在周围景观的掩饰下得到很好的保护。


6、Hassell 建筑团队设计的墨尔本 ANZ中心

6、ANZ Centre Melbourne by Hassell Architecture

The ANZ Centre Melbourne is a success in both interior elegance and sustainable systems, a prime example of an office building that can be pleasing to the eye and the environment.  6,500 employees of ANZ spend their work days in this office, which is more of a mixed use space than a traditional work environment.  ANZ Centre features a varied collection of spaces for personal work, cooperative spaces for impromptu meetings and relaxation spaces for dining and entertainment.  On the sustainable side, ANZ Centre includes solar and wind power production, river-based cooling systems, blackwater recycling, rainwater reuse and a green roof at its peak.  This building is a significant success in elegance and eco-consciousness.


ANZ Centre Melbourne Gallery


7、Modularing House by A-Cero Architects


A-Cero Architects are often celebrated in the world of residential architecture, so the group’s foray into prefab construction calls for more celebration.  The Modularing House is the result of A-Cero’s inspiration, a stunning, angular home with a reflective black skin.  A-Cero is hoping to produce these homes for a price near $93,000 USD, which could see serious adoption in A-Cero’s native Spain.  That slick black exterior is absolute eye candy, a progressive detail that we haven’t seen on another home yet.

A-cero 设计团队以其住宅设计闻名全球,这也为该团队在活动房屋建造中赢得了更多赞誉,模块屋就是其设计灵感的体现,其多棱角的结构和反光的黑色外墙令人赞叹不已。A-cero预计建造此屋的价格将在93,000美元左右,在设计中可以感受到A-cero的西班牙元素。光滑的黑色外墙在视觉上非常给力,这一前卫的细节我们在其他住宅上还从未见过。

Modularing House Gallery


8、Kanagawa Institute of Technology’s Glass Building


The Kanagawa Institute of Technology has a breathtaking new work space thanks to a design by Junya Ishigami and Associates.  This glass building provides an open connection to the Tokyo Bay environment, a place of quiet cooperation for hard working students.  Inside, plants are fed naturally from rays of sun that enter through the walls and sky lights, giving the interior a lush, green feel where life grows just like the ideas nurtured at KIT.  If you are as thrilled with this design as we are, be sure to check out our list of 15 amazing glass buildings.

神奈川科技学院这座全新打造的工作室给人以极强的视觉冲击,这完全归功于Junya Ishigami和其同事的绝妙构思。东京湾的清凉气息透过这座玻璃建筑的开放式结构丝丝沁入,为莘莘学子提供了一份难得的静谧。阳光透过玻璃幕墙和敞开的屋顶洒在葱茏的植物上,给屋内带来阵阵清新,而蓬勃生长的植物正如设计师心中孕育的灵感。如果您也和我们一样为这样的设计而震撼的话,那您一定要去看看我们的《15座经典玻璃建筑》榜单。

KIT Glass Building Gallery


9、House 6 by Marcio Kogan

9、Marcio Kogan设计 的6号屋

It is no secret that Marcio Kogan and his team are amongst TheCoolist’s favorite residential architects, so it should be no surprise to see their work on this list.  House 6 is one of Marcio Kogan’s latest, a work that continues the architect’s signature style with rectangular structures, stone walls, wood-slatted windows and a focus on the environment around it.  Like other Kogan works, House 6 places an emphasis on outside relaxation and entertainment, with a sprawling patio and pool that has enough space for a great party.

毫无疑问,Marcio Kogan和他的设计团队是Coolist 最钟爱的家居设计师之一,因此在这个榜单上出现他们的身影不足为奇。6号屋是Marcio Kogan新近完成的作品,它延袭了Marcio的标志性风格,以多角结构、石造墙壁、木棱窗户及聚焦周边环境的设计为其特色。正如Kogan的其他设计那样,6号屋突出了外部的休闲和娱乐功能,宽敞的院落中有一个巨大的游泳池,这足以开一场狂欢派对。

House 6 Gallery


10、Seed Cathedral by Thomas Heatherwick

10、Thomas Heatherwick的种子大教堂

The Seed Cathedral by Thomas Heatherwick represented the United Kingdom at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.  This amazing work of sculptural architecture comprises 60,000 acrylic rods, each one bearing a plant seed at its inner tip.  This building has dual roles– one to house and inform the visitors of the Shanghai Expo, and to also act as a seed bank to archive Earth’s ecological history.  The Expo was home to many great architectural achievements, where the Danish Pavilion and the South Korean Pavilion also stood out, but the Seed Cathedral was the most significant.  Want to see the ten best?  Check out our list of the best of the Shanghai Expo Pavilions.

由Thomas Heatherwick设计的种子大教堂代表英国参加了2010年上海世博会。这座神奇的建筑包括了60,000根丙烯酸棒,每一根棒的根端都栽下了一颗种子。种子大教堂身兼两职----一是邀请并接待上海世博会的游客;二是作为种子银行来保存地球的生态史。世博会是展示诸多建筑佳作的舞台,丹麦馆和韩国馆就位列其中,但是种子大教堂最为醒目。想欣赏它们当中的十佳吗?那就去看看我们为您列出的《上海世博会最佳展馆》吧。

Seed Cathedral Gallery


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